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Sotra's expertise encompasses all branches of labor law, social security law and HR tax law, in the private and public sector.

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We mainly offer our services to corporations and to public administrations. We also assist managers and company directors who have specific needs in social law and HR-tax law.

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The expertise of Sotra's lawyers focuses exclusively on employment law and income tax in the field of human resources. Their experience is solidly built on many years of practice, advising a wide diversity of demanding clients

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Our practice is 100% digital: we offer our services online, by videoconference and by phone. But we do of course have offices in Brussels and Namur, because sometimes it is convenient (and pleasant) to meet each other in person!
12 August 2022

Social security: "neutralisation" until 31 December 2022 of remote working abroad

Many workers worked remotely from abroad during the Covid-19 pandemic, which, in principle, has consequences for the applicable social security legislation. Last June, the European Administrative Commission responsible for the coordination of social security systems decided to maintain the measure to "neutralize" periods of remote working from abroad until 31 December 2022.

05 August 2022

Discrimination on the basis of past health status will soon be prohibited

On 7 July 2022, the legislator adopted an Act amending the anti-discrimination legislation. Previously, the law prohibited discrimination on the basis of "current or future health status". From now on, it will be necessary to take into account the "state of health" in general, whether it concerns the present, future or past.

22 July 2022

JOBSDEAL (5/5): Platform economy and monitoring projects

The "jobsdeal" contains several measures to reform the labour market. In a series of 5 topics, we will discuss the most important measures. In this News we discuss the measures in the field of the platform economy, and the monitoring of bottleneck occupations and diversity in sectors and companies.



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SoCast is a podcast produced by the law firm Sotra. We comment on the essential legislative and jurisprudential news in social law, in the private sector and the public sector.

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As well-regarded specialists, Sotra's lawyers are regularly invited to speak during seminars and conferences on topics of social and fiscal law.
13.10.22 From 14:00 to 17:30
Sotra, Avocats, Webinaire Bruxelles
NCOI Learning & Sotra : La gestion des incapacités de travail : une approche pratique et transversale
Speaker : Valentin Hanquet

Nous abordons, de manière transversale, les différentes questions que l’incapacité de travail pose : droits et obligations des parties, mise en œuvre du « trajet de réintégration », licenciement du travailleur en incapacité de travail au regard de l’interdiction de discriminer sur la base de l’état de santé, etc.

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13.10.22 From 14:00 to 17:30
Sotra, Avocats, Webinaire Bruxelles
La gestion des incapacités de travail : une approche pratique et transversale
Speaker : Valentin Hanquet

100 % des employeurs sont confrontés à des travailleurs en incapacité de travail. Les incapacités de travail ont de nombreuses incidences, tant dans le cadre de la relation de travail qu’au moment de la rupture du contrat. La législation et la jurisprudence sont à ce point abondantes en la matière que l’employeur n’a pas toujours les bons réflexes.

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18.10.22 From 08:30 to 11:30
Ibis, Wavre, Brussels East
NCOI Learning & Sotra : Actualités en Droit social
Speaker : Antoine Hallet

En une matinée, nous parcourons l’actualité en droit social (législation et jurisprudence inédite) du trimestre écoulé.

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