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Sotra's expertise encompasses all branches of labor law, social security law and HR tax law, in the private and public sector.

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We mainly offer our services to corporations and to public administrations. We also assist managers and company directors who have specific needs in social law and HR-tax law.

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The expertise of Sotra's lawyers focuses exclusively on employment law and income tax in the field of human resources. Their experience is solidly built on many years of practice, advising a wide diversity of demanding clients

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Our practice is 100% digital: we offer our services online, by videoconference and by phone. But we do of course have offices in Brussels and Namur, because sometimes it is convenient (and pleasant) to meet each other in person!
12 May 2023

Remote working abroad: more flexibility on applicable social security legislation

A new European Framework Agreement allows employees to carry out up to 50% of their work in their home country, while remaining subject to the social security system of the member state where their employer is based.

17 March 2023

Annual leave entitlement now reinforced

A Royal Decree of 8 February 2023 allows workers who are unable to take their annual leave due to illness, accident, maternity leave, parental leave, adoption leave, prophylactic leave or foster care leave to transfer these days to the following calendar year.

28 October 2022

New right to demand more predictable and stable working conditions (CBA No. 161)

CBA No. 161 introduces the right for private sector workers to request, under certain conditions, a form of employment with more predictable and stable working conditions. The CBA also provides specific guarantees for workers who make use of this right. These new measures came into force on 1 October 2022.



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SoCast is a podcast produced by the law firm Sotra. We comment on the essential legislative and jurisprudential news in social law, in the private sector and the public sector.

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As well-regarded specialists, Sotra's lawyers are regularly invited to speak during seminars and conferences on topics of social and fiscal law.
13.06.23 From 12:00 to 13:30
Sotra, Advocaten, Webinar Brussel
Webinar Middaguur Sociaal recht

Tijdens dit seminar bespreken wij de sociale actualiteit, zowel de wetgeving als de rechtspraak komen aan bod. De nadruk wordt gelegd op de nieuwe reglementaire bepalingen en de ontwikkelingen in de rechtspraak die een concrete invloed hebben op de ondernemingen. Deelname en documentatie zijn helemaal gratis.

Dit webinar is uitsluitend bestemd voor het cliënteel van Sotra en voor bedrijven die eventueel op onze diensten beroep zouden kunnen doen. Wij behouden ons dan ook het recht voor om de inschrijving te weigeren van advocaten, sociaal secretariaten en andere dienstverleners in sociaal recht.

Information and registration
15.06.23 From 12:30 to 14:00
Sotra, Avocats, Séminaire hybride Bruxelles
Séminaire hybride | Les Après-midi du Droit social

Au cours de ce séminaire, nous passerons en revue les actualités sociales (législation et jurisprudence inédite) du trimestre écoulé. La participation et la documentation sont gratuites.

Ce séminaire est exclusivement destiné aux clients de Sotra et aux entreprises susceptibles de faire appel à nos services. Nous nous réservons donc le droit de refuser l'inscription des avocats, secrétariats sociaux et autres prestataires de services en droit social.

Information and registration
27.06.23 From 13:30 to 18:30
Sotra, Avocats, Séminaire Namur
Séminaire | Les Après-midi de la Fonction publique

Les Après-midi de la Fonction publique ont 5 ans. Afin de fêter cet événement, nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter le mardi 27 juin 2023, à Namur, pour notre session spéciale « anniversaire ».

En présence d’invités de prestige, nous examinerons 4 thématiques d’actualité brûlantes.

Le séminaire se déroulera uniquement en présentiel et se clôturera par un drink offert par Sotra.

Information and registration


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