24 May 2024

Workers on infertility treatment or medically assisted reproduction are protected against

Employers who dismiss a worker for reasons related to infertility treatment or MAR will be sanctioned.

26 April 2024

Employment of foreign workers: amendment of the cooperation agreement on economic migration

The Belgian Cooperation Agreement signed on 22 March 2024 amends the existing Cooperation Agreement (2018) on the occupation of foreign workers. It concerns several categories of foreign workers for which specific European directives have been adopted.

08 March 2024

Grounds for dismissal under a fixed-term contract: the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled

In a decision of 20 February 2024, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that Member States may not provide that the early termination of a fixed-term employment contract does not have to be justified in writing, whereas this obligation exists for open-ended employment agreements.

15 February 2024

GDPR: Employers who get hacked could be held liable

A company that suffers a cyberattack may be required to compensate for the damage caused.

02 January 2024

Sotra - Organizational changes

Karel Devloo becomes Partner and Marian Dewaersegger succeeds Olivier Rijckaert as Managing Partner

Office News
12 May 2023

Remote working abroad: more flexibility on applicable social security legislation

A new European Framework Agreement allows employees to carry out up to 50% of their work in their home country, while remaining subject to the social security system of the member state where their employer is based.

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